Forever awaiting connection to debugger ub Mint Linux

Giving 24r1.1 a try on Mint LMDE 6 and I’m getting the previously reported “Waiting for debugger” dialog forever. However, the emulator launches and if I kill that dialog and then manually launch the app, it launches - but, no debugger.

I’m NOT using KDE and I did try the changes to the mimetypes file with no luck.

Anyone else?

No ideas out there? This is frustrating.

@Tim_Jones - It was weekend and Xojo staff are working Monday through Thursday. You should create an issue with all your information so your problem isn’t overlooked.

Any reason for using a Mint version not listed on the supported list for Xojo?

As Martin said, open an Issue and see if Xojo staff can make it work (if they want to add this Linux ‘flavor’ to their list)

Thanks, @Martin_T . I always try to validate that it’s not “just me” on these things before going the ticket route.

@AlbertoD - c’mon, you’ve known me long enough to know that Linux is Linux in my arena. Xojo’s compatibility list is just an easy way to not test every distro. I’ve been doing 100% of my Xojo Linux work on MINT for more than 14 years at this point. I only go to the other distros to test the built apps.

I don’t understand your response to me.

You know that this forum is where users support each other. If you are testing Mint that is based in Debian and after 5 days no one respond, it may mean that no other Xojo user have experience with that. At least I don’t and I can’t help you.

Maybe Robin (Xojo staff) have used that version and can give you some help. That’s why I suggest creating an Issue instead of waiting here for a Xojo user or Xojo staff to give you help.

I have only read reports about Linux (I don’t use it) so I can’t comment on that ‘Linux is Linux’ part. I recently saw a problem in the forum with Ubuntu 24.x and an Issue that Xojo needed to fix something to make it work (will be available on next Xojo release). So for me at least ‘Linux is Linux’ is not as simple as that.

But you do what you want to do. Sorry I can’t help you.

My response to you is that I’ve been responding and posting to the Linux side of the Xojo forums for many, many years and I am proof that one Linux distro is just like another Linux distro - if you know Linux. You and I have communicated many times since you joined the fray and I assumed that you recognized that by now. Sorry if that’s not the case.

As to this issue, the version of Linux is not the problem. However, If it’s port-based communications, then what port should I be checking. If it’s a version of the ADK issue, then which ADK should be used?

As to my follow up this morning from over the weekend, I was not expecting an answer from Xojo specifically, but any anectdotal feedback that others may have witnessed - which normally does happen over the weekend (at least in my experience). If no one else is seeing this, then that is such evidence and I’ll start digging elsewhere.

I didn’t mean to upset the apple cart with this query …

There is one more check that I did and it’s providing this info in the Terminal:

Xojo: /home/tjones/Android/Sdk/platform-tools/adb -s List of shell getprop ro.product.manufacturer
adb: unknown command of
AndroidInstallShellResult: Performing Streamed Install

AndroidLaunchCommand: /home/tjones/Android/Sdk/platform-tools/adb -s emulator-5554 shell am start -a android.intent.action.MAIN -D -n com.timjones.majordomo/.screen1
AndroidLaunchShellResult: Starting: Intent { act=android.intent.action.MAIN cmp=com.timjones.majordomo/.screen1 }

gio: file:///opt/xojo/xojo2024r1.1/Xojo%20Resources/Frameworks/Android/xadbGUI/xadbGUI: Failed to find default application for content type ‘application/x-executable’

It looks like the args passed in to the initial launch of adb are missing some quotes. Also, like with the KDE issue discussed in other posts, I now see that “application/x-executable” is not defined. Usually, this is a indicator that the execute bit hasn’t been set for the tool that is trying to be launched.

Since application/x-executable is an undefined mimetype, could it be as simple as the built app for the debug run doesn’t have the exe bit set when it’s built?

Hi Alberto, can you provide a link to that post? I can’t find more than the KDE mimetype issue posts.

OP typo’d the title – they were using 24.04.

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As Tim already posted the link to the forum, here is the link for the Issue:
#76328 - Xojo won’t install in latest Kubuntu 24.04 and old compiled programs do not open

but maybe is not related to your problem as your problem is with Android/Linux.

The answer is to install those dependencies using apt or apt-get. This usually happens on Ubuntu when the GNOME desktop is not fully installed.

Right, I was just linking the thread for you. I can’t comment on the issue as I don’t use Linux as a Desktop, only for servers.

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Okay - mountain out of molehill. The permissions for xadbGUI were incorrect. This applies to the Ubuntu issue, as well.

sudo chmod +x '/opt/xojo/xojo2024r1.1/Xojo Resources/Frameworks/Android/xadbGUI/xadbGUI'

I suspect that is what the Xojo team need to fix.

Tim’s response was a different issue.

You’d asked for the thread Alberto saw, and I knew which one he was talking about.

Correct, I said that I saw something about Ubuntu 24.x on the forum (Tim linked to that) and an Issue (that’s the link I posted), that’s all. I never said both were the same problem/issue.

I’m glad you found the problem. I guess not many people are using Linux with Android as this is the first thread I read about this problem. I hope this is fixed for next Xojo release.

For posterity, I’ve submitted a tracker ticket:


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