Forcing disable of duplex printing

How can you force printing to NOT use duplex mode?

I have a case where an app needs to print unattended, and it never used to print duplex but lately sometimes it does. So far only seen this in macOS and not Windows, so mostly looking for a macOS solution here. In my code it currently establishes a generic PrinterSetup() object but that does not have an option for duplex control.

I found NSPrintInfoMBS which has lots of other options but does not seem to list duplex mode control. And WindowsDeviceModeMBS may be able to do it for Windows, if / when the need arises.

But how can I force the macOS printing to NOT use duplex mode even if the default printer is capable of it?

Probably the easiest way is to make each page a separate print job. The driver won’t assemble them into a duplexed job.