For javascript gurus: get an array of tr attributes with classes

this is a followup of the previous

I would like the same but some have a class=“active” attribute
I would like to get only the rowids of the that have this class=active
again, my javascript level is low enough I don’t have any idea how to proceed …

my example table could be like this :

		<table id="mytable">
		   <tr rowid="661">line6</tr>
		   <tr rowid="68" class="active">line8</tr>
		   <tr rowid="977">line7</tr>
		   <tr rowid="35" class="active">line3</tr>

I would like an array with [68] in it.

note: there can be more than one line with the active class in them.

I think the CSS selector matching what you want is “#mytable”.

seems you’re right Ricardo.

var myArr = $("#mytable").map(function (){
    return parseInt(this.getAttribute("rowid")); // returns an array

works ! returns [68,35] on my example table

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Nice! =)

jQuery uses CSS selectors, so it’s a nice thing to learn (even if you don’t plan to spend too much time styling)

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