For Hire: Converting to API 2.0

Having just spent the last couple months converting all of my apps, and over 10,000 lines of code to API2.0, I know what a huge pain in the ass it can be. If you have a project you’re looking to move to API2.0, give me a shout. US$50/hour. Code you have must compile, error free, as it is. But, I will correct all of the depreciations in your project. I’ve been working with RealBasic, REALStudio, Xojo since 1999. This arduous task will take you hundreds, if not thousands, of man-hours and detract from the time you have to innovate. Let me do it for you. These tasks cannot be easily performed with a find/replace, and require a human to ensure the conversion is done properly.

Some examples of API 2 changes:

Dim F As FolderItem = GetFolderItem("/Users/me/something") F.Delete() If F.LastErrorCode <> 0 Then System.DebugLog("Delete folder item failed: " + Str(F.LastErrorCode)) End If
Now becomes:

Var F As FolderItem = New FolderItem("/Users/me/something",FolderItem.PathModes.Native) Try F.Remove() Catch err As IOException System.DebugLog("Delete folder item failed: " + err.Message) End Try


Now Becomes:


Left(sFields(n),Len(kQuote)) = kQuote

Now becomes:

sFields(n).Left(kQuote.Length) = kQuote

sFields = Split(sRecords(i),sFieldDelimiter)

now becomes:

sFields = sRecords(i).Split(sFieldDelimiter)

iEnd = uBound(wParent.xBorrowRecords)

now becomes:

iEnd = wParent.xBorrowRecords.Count-1

If InStr(the_string,",") <> 0 Then

now becomes:

If the_string.IndexOf(",") <> -1 Then

Dim d As Date = New Date

now becomes:

Var d As DateTime = DateTime.Now()

ReDim myArray(-1)

now becomes:


Dim varname As VariableType

now becomes:

Var varname as VariableType