Fonts PopupMenu (AddFolder)?

I have a Fonts PopupMenu and it is populated… in a weird way IMHO:

I mean: I have all Font Names displayed… So, imagine you want to use Zapf Dingbats !

I would create a SubMenu when there are many entries in a Family… (Think like what we can do in a MenuBar with Menus: MenuItems and SubMenuItems).

Getting like LibreOffice Font selection (see screen shotbelow), would be nice too…

Bonne idée !

On the Mac, you can press Z to get directly to the first item beginning with a Z, like Zapf Dingbats. I don’t know for Windows or Linux.

Also, there are newer methods to access fonts by family instead of each variation of a font.

Thank you Stéphane.

Mac: I know (after using them for 40 years… :grinning:)
Similar to the Finder (press a char will select a file…)
I impleùmented that in a ListBox (press a will display the first row, z the last and any other letter will display a Row between these values)

newer methods
I will check…

I have readjusted my old font popup
maybe someone can use it

Thank you Rudolf.

So, I was not dreaming.