Fonts in labels


font proprties (fontname, fontsize, bold…) in labels or textfields does not work in rpi jessie with 2017R2.1.
I can get font work in canvas with:

g.TextFont = "Roboto" g.Bold = True g.TextSize = 48 g.DrawString("Roboto Bold 48", 10, 80)
So problem is not with font, it’s just that labels etc. ignore font properties.
Btw. It’s only with rpi, same program with linux mint works fine.


Report it via Feedback along with a example project demonstrating the issue.


already reported Feedback #49369

Btw. What is the latest version where this works?

Hello Jukka,

Xojo 2017 v1.1 works for me.


Hello, I’m just tickling this item to see if there’s been any progress. I’m about to start a huge new project and hope to get on 2017r3. Any news?

William, <> is marked as Fixed & Verified. It should work on 2018r1.

Great! So when will 2018r1 be accessible?

You can get the latest beta today: