i want to use fontAwesome in a desktop app.

is there a way to use the font without installing it in windows?
i would like to just distribute it in the libs folder if possible



You’d normally user AddFontResource for this.

I seem to recall WFS had a way to do this, but I can’t recall off the top of my head. Opening it it seems to have the proper declares and I see a function called TemporarilyInstallFont that uses AddFontResource, but I only have my mac right now and can’t test it.


The methods are in the UIExtras:

Opening the “Windows Functionality Suite.rbvcp” project you’d find it under “Windows Functionality Suite” -> “UI Extras” -> “Modules” -> “UIExtrasWFS” -> “Methods”

You can install and uninstall temporary fonts.

The project even includes a font called Akbar.ttf

Confirmed working on Windows 7. You’ll need to know the actual font name which might be different from the filename.

Cool. Thanks for the confirmation. I actually had this opened and pending verification but had been delaying it :smiley: