font size in SegmentedControl

Is it possible to change the font type and font size of a segmented control?

Unless there is some magical declare, no, you cannot change the font size.

You can place a Canvas over it and draw the text in the Paint event, so you have full control of font and font size.

You can also replace the segments by bevel buttons or buttons, where you can change the font size.

How to put a canvas over it and draw the text in paint event?

Well, you simply drag a canvas the size of the segment on top of it.

You draw the text in the Canvas Paint event with DrawString

If you plan on using several segmented controls, it is best to do that only once in a ContainerControl that is exactly the size of the ContainerControl, so you can have several instances.

do i have just one canvas for the whole segmented control (say i have 6 segment) or 6 canvas?

I have an old project that creates a canvas based segmented control that I wrote back in 2011 before the in-built control either existed or worked well (I don’t recall why)… you would have to tweek it some, but you are welcome to the code

yes please dave… i like to have a look…

was written in RealStudio 2009, but I just loaded and ran it in 2015r4 and it works.
this is a demo app, but all the seg control stuff is in there

looking for the code to change font type and size.

that was why I offered you that code, change anything or everything as you see fit

thanks of the codes.

finally found the font size and font type…