font size for navigator, inspector, etc?

I have just upgraded to OS X Yosemite (from 10.7.5 at home, and even older at work), and I am experiencing the unhappiness with the font sizes chosen by Apple that many other users are; I have also not found a lot of good solutions. I’m hoping someone here has found a Xojo specific solution. My eyes are just not that good anymore (graduated bifocals, and even for when the font size is reasonable, I’m going to have to buy a separate set of computer glasses – I don’t think those will help enough with the tiny fonts, though, because I’m having problems with the tiny fonts even when I hold my neck and head at a strange angle to see the screen more clearly), and the fonts on the left and right are just impossible to read.

I already know how to set the code and layout font sizes via preferences. What I am hoping for is a way to make the fonts on the navigator on the left, the inspector on the right, the preferences splash screens, and everything else that is still tiny (um, let’s see, find results, debug results, compile errors), larger, without having to go to the only thing I’ve found that works which is to change my screen resolution to something very unsatisfactory. (I also know about some little magnifying glass-like thing one could turn on but that seemed also very clunky. I just want the fonts to be consistently bigger on those parts of the the Xojo screen.)

Any good Xojo-specific advice out there? Thanks so much!

There isn’t one

Rats. Ok, thanks anyway. I’ll continue to squint and hold my head at funny angles. (So annoyed at apple for this.)

This isn’t entirely Apples fault
Even if you could change the default text size in the preference panel you’d likely still have this problem as the IDE isn;t always using the system default size for things :frowning: