Font problems.

hi everyone,
I’m trying to make an application on the raspi 3. Yesterday i was trying to change fonts and font sizes on the application. They changes reflected on my xojo window (on my mac) but when i remotely debugged the same, neither the font nor the fontsize changed.
I later thought that maybe, the fonts weren’t installed, so i copied calibri.ttf to “/usr/local/share/fonts” folder and used “fc-list” to verify if it was installed.
Still the application won’t show any change. They fontsize won’t change even on the “system” font. Anybody come across a solution?
I’m using 2017r2 and raspbian stretch on the raspi 3

Use 2017r1.1. Thats latest where fonts in raspi work.

is there no workaround available?
why is there such a problem, can i replace certain files on r2 from r1 and make it work?

Canvas and drawstring draw fonts correctly…
It might be workaround for some.

okay, well. now I’ve switched back to r1.1 but now i cannot remotely debug. The application is stuck at compiling . It builds the application right, but now remote debugging is off. Anybody know how to fix this?

Font problem on raspi 3 still there even in the latest XOJO 2017 r3. I think it is time now to fix this problem unless raspi is no more of interest for XOJO in that case be clear. Part of my business is based on raspi 3 and it is essential for me to plan the future in advance.

I can confirm the font issue. I too am using XOJO 2017r2.1 need to get this issue fixed as we plan to use Xojo a lot for RPi development.

Thanks Dave for the tip. Will try tomorrow and report my findings. My issue is with desktop app. But for my understanding why did the font issue crop up between ver 1.1 and 2.1? Any ideas?

Hi Dave, I installed the fonts but still no luck. Downloaded Ver2017 1.1 and built the code again. Now if works just fine. This definitely need fixing in XOJO!!

Thanks Amit

I think ChartDirector draws fonts different way.
You could try telling font path:
CDBaseChartMBS.SetFontSearchPath “/usr/share/fonts/truetype/msttcorefonts”
and then tell font by filename like “arialbd.ttf”