Font Method Fonts locations?

First this is a desktop specific question and assumes I’m not blind! :wink:

I asked this buried in a post with a bunch of PDF specific questions but I realized this one is more general so am also asking here.

Using the Fonts method I am seeing fonts that don’t seem to have corresponding font files in the system font folder… on my Mac an example the font method list returns a font called “Arial Hebrew”…

Where are the corresponding font files for such fonts, and is this a Mac only thing, or can the Font Method on Windows also return Fonts that are not in the system font folder?


A simple search using Arial and including the System items returns these:


There can be doubles above (in fact there are, but ArialHB.ttc exists with two different foot print)…
ome files resides deep in a Font Info folder (Core.PDF).

I guess my search search does not return systems items… how do you set search to do that?

I have never really looked into fonts before… But for font locations on a Mac I am finding Multiple:
SpecialFolder.Fonts = “/System/Library/Fonts”
But there is also:

I understand why there are user specific fonts but why do both “/System/Library/Fonts” and “/Library/Fonts” exist? Xojo

Also are there a defined user specific fonts folder on Windows?

Click in + (rightmost of the window; you have to have the window),
in the window left part, click in the PopupMenu (Type),
select Other(s)
search system files included…

Nota: english terms for the OS string may vary, but you get the idea.

I forgot we can add image directly, so here are some screen shots.



This is just the way OS X is designed. In fact, you can activate a font from any location in the file system. The various Font folders hold fonts that are automatically activated by the operating system.

Your code should not assume anything about where font files might be located.

Thanks… I had never used “other” before in search!


It is not a matter of “How long we are in the computer busioness”, but about the experience. I discovered recently that macOS Search & Replace can add a prefix or a suffix to a file name…

And, as you know, sometimes memory play games (we can forget).

Thank you Eric for this answer. I was asking exactly that (in the other conversation).

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