Font Embedding Utility for Web Edition

XDS Font Embedder for WebEdition will help any developer use custom TTF/OTF fonts in their web applications by converting them to an embeddable W3C universal format. The benefit of embedding a font, is that the application will look uniform across all operating systems and all mobile devices. The end user of the web application DOES NOT have to have the font installed on their system/device, since it is embedded directly in the webpage. Unlike SVG, OET, TTF, and OTF font formats which are not web cross-platform/device compatible, this simple utility will ensure a uniform look and feel across all systems. The utility will generate all code and files necessary to convert and embed any and all TTF/OTF UTF-8 fonts, with no thought required by the developer! Simply specify the desired fonts, generate the code, copy and paste, drag and drop, and set your WebStyles!

The utility is 100% free to use, but if you use it for commercial use, we hope you appreciate it enough to make a donation to XDS to keep the utilities and resources flowing for all Xojo developers.??

This utility was created due to a number of developers requesting a tutorial of “How-To” embed fonts into Xojo Web Applications. Many simple code errors by developers made it hard to troubleshoot why their fonts were not loading, without the ability to directly see the source code. So, we created a simple utility to handle all the font conversion, code generation, and WebStyle creation (xojo_binary_code files).

Live Demo:

Download for Windows and Mac OSX

**Mac OSX users see the “READ ME FIRST!!!.rtf” file, or the utility may not work for you.