FolderItemDialogue for iOS

The basic folderItemDialogs - for Open and Save seem to be missing from iOS. Seems to be a bit of a fundamental requirement for any document based app.

I can create a basic open folder dialog using a table - but Save is a bit more complex. Does anyone have Declares for these?

iOS discourages the use of file choosers. I’m not even sure there is a native one built-in.

I found this on Apple’s File System Programming Guide:

Humm, that’s strange when Keynote, Pages and Numbers all use a file picker for iCloud Drive. And when iCloud Drive also supports folders… or when you want to save/open from other locations like dropbox/google etc.

So these are not in the Sandbox which is what I think the Guide is referring to. The Guide refers to standard open and save panels which is what I would need.

Yeah, I suspect the Keynote/Pages/Numbers picker is a custom interface.

Nah, it looks rather like Apple’s standard Document Picker.

Ah, I see some of these Declares are available in iosKit. Will have to experiment.

Experimenting over - far too difficult for my knowledge of Declares.

It seems to me that the ability to open/save/saveAs files in iCloud and other directories would be a rather fundamental part of any document based app on ios. Are these controls (eg Document Picker) somewhere in Xojo’s or anyone else’s product pipeline?

Apple tries very hard to make iOS not a document based platform. The document chooser will give you access to your app’s iCloud and local documents, but I’m not sure if you’re going to get folders and access like you’re hoping for.

An easy alternative is to load a table with the file names, and keep a synchronized array of folderItems.

When user taps on a name you can use the corresponding folderItem.

This is the basics, it can be made into a real filepicker if needed, with some additional work.

Indeed Apple seems to want all iOS devices to be little more than record players :confused:

Tim - if that is the case, then why does Apple make DocumentPicker available to Xcode? Is it perhaps that Xojo wants us to build only record players?

Michel - does your solution work? How does it deal with security scoped bookmarks and the like to give access to those documents? I assume the folder SpecialFolder.Documents is not the same as iCloud Documents??