FolderItemCreateFromFSRef procedure entry point not found

My installation needs two Xojo Desktop programs launched in the same folder.
Until 2019r11 it was working, and on Mac it’s ok.
With the compilations made in 2019r31, I get the message “FolderItemCreateFromFSRef procedure entry point not found in the dynamic link library” C: \ … \ MyProg.exe when I run the 2nd program.
Each of the programs starts independently, when I reinstall it in this folder.
How to explain and solve this?

FolderItemCreateFromFSRef is a Mac-only function. So you need to:

  1. wrap its code in
    #if TargetMacOS
  1. Make sure you have no code that calls it on Windows and requires it to work.

Thanks Thomas, but I don’t know this function FolderItemCreateFromFSRef, I don’t call it, it doesn’t exist in Xojo, how do I know what it is called?

Can’t you find it with the Find command in the IDE?

If you can’t find it, are you perhaps using an old Xojo plugin? Do you have any plugins installed?

I use almost all MBS plugins :slight_smile:

Be careful, if I install (with its DLLs) then I launch only one of the two programs, it launches without problem.
On the other hand, when I install the 2nd (there is therefore overwriting of certain DLLs) I get this message on FolderItemCreateFromFSRef.

MBS Xojo Plugins don’t have a function named FolderItemCreateFromFSRef, so this may be some other issue.
Did you clear caches for projects?

Maybe you are using macoslib, it is in there

I understood: one of the two programs was compiled with xojo 2019r11 and the other with xojo 2019r31, and the DLLs are not the same …
Thank you for your help