FolderItem.Type is special/folder for an exe file?

Is it normal under Windows for a FolderItem that points to a .EXE file to report the Type as Special/Folder? Seems odd but I’m just not getting deeper into Windows and Xojo’s specific handling of things to know if it’s normal or a bug.

Type is only supposed to contain something useful if your project contains a FileType that explains the extension.

Example: If the standard “text/plain” file type been added to a File Type Set, then this gets the type:

Dim f As FolderItem = GetFolderItem("test.txt") msgbox f.type // should produce "text/plain"

if not, this property should be empty, rather than Special/Folder, according to the docs.
Maybe EXE is a Special file?

Jeff is correct. You get the closest match to your defined filetypes. Just for fun, I added a filetype called “BlackOps” with the extension “.exe” and sure enough, that’s what I get for f.type on an executable. If you have no filetypes defined in your app, f.type should be blank.

It really will depend on what filetype you have defined and what file type it matches

Maybe you need Folderitem.KindMBS function from my MBS Plugins?