folderItem.ToCopy : How to refer file in my project?

I dragged and dropped a my file.sqlite (meteonav.sqlite) to my project.

Now, I need to copy this database to a ApplicationData folder.
Here my code:

Var fileMeteoOriginal As FolderItem = *?*.Child(meteonav) 'HERE I DON'T KNOW HOW TO TREAT THE OBJECT AS A FOLDER, AND NOT AS A DATABASE!
Var fileMeteo As FolderItem = SpecialFolder.ApplicationData.Child(...).Child("Meteo.sqlite")

If fileMeteo.Exists Then
  End Try
End If
  fileMeteoOriginal.CopyTo(fileMeteo) 'HERE I WISH TO DO THE COPY
Catch error As IOException
End Try


You should be able to use specialfolder.resources as if it was a parent folder holding your file to be copied from

I use this formula:

Var fileMeteoOriginal As New FolderItem("")
fileMeteoOriginal = fileMeteoOriginal.Parent.Child(..).Child("Meteo.sqlite")

And when I’ll build the solution i’ll come back if I need to understand more.

Thanks for now.

This item was deprecated in version 2020r2.
Please use SpecialFolder as a replacement.


Losing track

It was meant that IO.SpecialFolder was deprecated.