Folderitem.ModificationDate/CreationDate return wrong times (2019r3)

So I just discovered this strange issues where the Folderitem.ModificationDate and CreationDate are returning times about 5 minutes into the future. This is happening for me on Mojave with Xojo 2019r3 (it worked fine in 2019r1)

I haven’t tested windows yet, but I had to switch to the MBS Plugins which are working properly to get the correct times.

Feedback 558811: <>

I left a sample project in Feedback, but was wondering if anyone else had experienced this issue.


Desktop Folder
Created Xojo: 3:46:36 PM
Created MBS: 3:42:52 PM
Modified Xojo: 5:59:30 PM
Modified MBS: 5:55:46 PM

Edit: I just tried Folderitem.CreationDateTime and it returns the wrong time as well.

Wow, that’s a weird one. When you look into this next, check the GMT offset, I wonder if it’s incorrect there.

Not seeing this on Catalina. GMT offset ain’t 4:30 minutes!

Created Xojo: 00:33:13
Created MBS: 01:33:13
Modified Xojo: 04:01:42
Modified MBS: 04:01:42