Folderitem.exists vs folderitem.trueexists

Just wondering what the difference is between these two, especially since the new documentation only includes “exists”. Strangely, intellisense lists both?

Where have you seen folder.trueexists ?

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If TrueExits… Exits, I suppose it works for Alias files.

Have a look at TrueChild… in the old API.

In the current Xojo versions, look at:

Forget the Constructor: the screen shot is one line too height…

Maybe it’s your own extension method or it comes from a plugin.

Ok, my bad. We have an extension to Folderitem that one of our developers did to work around the “exists” problem when you have a UNC folder selected.

Universal Naming Convention ?

Yes, I think on Windows it may not return true if you are using a Universal Naming Convention.

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