folderitem exists but not (OOPS) this one

My YDict.YWrdDictF doesn’t exist by code and I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.
Before API 2 I didn’t have to use NEW to get a folderitem.

I have a couple of lines of code that aren’t working anymore. If you see something that looks like a folderitem, it’s probably a property.
Everything DOES exist.

If IniHerd.DataFolder.Child("WordDictry.Txt") <> Nil And IniHerd.DataFolder.Child("WordDictry.Txt").Exists Then YDict.YWrdDictF = IniHerd.DataFolder.Child("WordDictry.Txt") Else YDict.YWrdDictF = New FolderItem(IniHerd.DataFolder.Child("WordDictry.Txt"))//comes to here but after it is doesn't exist End If

The example shows:

Var f, f2 As FolderItem f = SpecialFolder.Desktop.Child("MyDocument") f2 = New FolderItem(f)
I even rewrote the code to fit the example.

Is there a step I didn’t do?

Just declaring a Folderitem doesn’t create the corresponding file on disk. For that you’ll need a TextOutputStream or a BinaryStream

you do not need to create a folderitem from folderitem

Never mind. I thought I had a good system for naming stuff. I was in the wrong folder.
YWrdDictF looks a lot like TWrdDictF, which does exist.