FolderItem doesn't exist if has underscore

I find that if a filename has an underscore, Xojo can’t see the file. In my situation:

[code]WATracker_1001.sqlite is not seen

WATracker1001.sqlite is seen

WATracker-1001.sqlite is seen

WATracker.1001.sqlite is seen[/code]

I see some forum discussion of MySQL not connecting to a file with an underscore. Is this a known problem with FolderItem in general?

Which platform ?

As far as I see underscore is allowed in Windows, as well as Mac. Could it be a mySQL , and not a Xojo issue ?

What is your code ?

It does seem MySQL has it’s own way of interpreting the underscore :

As far as I know, all of these are strings. What is seen in a string is not analyzed (Linux, macOS, Windows) by Xojo AFAIK.
Can you elaborate a bit more ?

Did you checked with a simple project / after shutdown, boot and run only Xojo ?

Platform OS, Xojo, whatever can help to understand. StandAlone / IDE ?

If universally true, that would break a s**tload of code.
I have a file I’m working with at the moment “My League_2018.sqlite” and I have no problem finding and connecting to it.
Something else is going on.

Put such file on your desktop, run this, you should get a “Found”.

Dim f As FolderItem = SpecialFolder.Desktop.Child("WATracker_1001.sqlite") If f.Exists Then MsgBox("The File was found...") Else MsgBox("Can't find the file") End If

The only weird “Xojo don’t see thing” I do remember was a case of someone with spaces and accents in the App name like “Stúdio di Disegno.exe” (or whatever) crashing on an updated Windows 10 not finding its own framework libs, and the solution was to remove the App name part of path. So, “Stúdio di Disegno Libs” -> “Libs”, “Stúdio di Disegno Resources” -> “Resources”.
Like in this case:

Unfortunately, I had problems posting my thread during a time when the Xojo server seemed to be having problems today. I ended up posting it twice when I thought it wasn’t posted at all. The other identically named thread is here:

That said, at the time I posted this, I was able to reproduce, at will, a case where FolderItem.Exists was seen as False by Xojo when the filename had the underscore I showed above, and it was seen as True when I removed the underscore or replaced it with something else. I have since changed code in this project in a way that this no longer happens. I’m also trying to reproduce what I had done before that caused this strange FolderItem.Exists behavior, so I can report what circumstance causes this, but I can’t seem to do that.

This was occurring in Debug mode on a Mac.