folder app is empty

i have tray to build some basic example and all is ok
now i try to build my first alpha application but when i start build i see the start of process and after some seconds the process terminate.
I see may folder-app but this is empity!! Only create the folder.
The application is vary basic and only plug-in is MySQL community for connect to db.

How can I fix it?

What kind of license do you have ?
That is relevant because some licenses do not have the ability to use PostgreSQL, Mysql or other server databases

The license was purchased from my company I think is desktop.
but if the license is not valid i not have any error?

Yes I would think that should work fine
And if it was not permitted I would expect there to be an error or warning

Have you saved your project ?
The IDE builds you compiled exe in the “Builds” dir next to where you saved your project

i see the folder:
Builds - MyProject.xojo_binary_project
and Windows is empity but i not have any error

What OS are you running Xojo on ?
What targets have you selected (see picture)

i use windows 10
This Computer

Save your current project
Start a new desktop project
Save it to a new location (on your desktop in a new Folder)
Build this now project

Does that work ?

yes it work.
i write in first post

Then it’s “something” about the app your trying to build but I have no good guesses what

Take a simple example in the Example folders, Platform-Specific, Windows (speficific folder) and try to build it.

What is the result ?

If i try to builde simple example in the Example folders: yes it works!!
Yes Norman, the issue is “something” about the particular app…

My suspicions is MySQLcommunity plugin because all project that i have try without MySQL is build correctly.

ok, my suspicions is verified.
The problem is MYSQL Plugin.
If i set in my application SQLLite connection instead of Mysql connection, the build is ok.

Do you have a license for the MYSQL Plugin ?