FocusLost not working for DesktopDateTimePicker


I must be making a really basic error but I don’t get it.
Using Xojo 2022r1 on Win11.

I have a DesktopDateTimePicker with a FocusLost event with code:

dp_end_saving.SelectedDate = me.SelectedDate.AddInterval(0,0,1)

(yes I know, don’t debug with MessageBoxes. But that is desperation :wink:

By clicking on the control it gets the focus, I can change the date values and then, hitting tab or clicking a different control, the FocusLost event should fire (in my opinion), but it doesn’t.

Thanks in advance!

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I have the same issue. It may be a bug.

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File an Issue report:

Thanks John and Rick.

Done → #69684

I have been told to wait for next xojo release.
Not sure if that means that it will be fixed until then or that I should hope it “goes away”.
Let’s see!