FMLuna and CURL requests

First, congrats and many thanks to Tim Dietrich for FMLuna ( As usual, great stuff !!

I have a question though: I’ve just discovered this “specialness” and since I can’t investigate on it right now, I wonder if someone here can put some light:
Apparently, in this version 1 of FMLuna, when using a very basic HTTP client, let’s say a CURL call thru the MacOs’s Terminal command line, we need to add a space character before the AccountName and the Password header values.

So a request like this is not working: curl -X GET '' -H "Password:fmluna" -H "AccountName:fmluna" -i (returns 401 UNAUTHORIZED).
While this one is working fine (with spaces between the “:” and the “fmluna”): curl -X GET '' -H "Password: fmluna" -H "AccountName: fmluna" -i

I tried with the software called Paw, and it’s not necessary to add these space characters. It’s not a big ‘problem’ and I can certainly deal with this now.

Thanks !

A space between the “:” and the header value is optional according to the HTTP spec. I’d recommend always using one for maximum compatibility.

Hi @Gaston Forgues! Thanks for the kind words about FMLuna.

The “space” issue is interesting. You wouldn’t think that it would make a difference, but apparently it does. Very strange!

Anyway, I hope FMLuna works out for you. Let me know how it goes.