Flowchart plugin

I need to be able to create a flowchart style interface for a project I am thinking about. Has anyone created a flowchart or canvas type plugin that would allow me to create flowcharts. I have looked at the examples that come with Xojo but really looking for something that is already available as a plugin or class etc. I have a memory of SimCanvas or something like that which allow you to build flowcharts but have not seen anything recent about that.

there is a Ghant Chart class (probably misspelled badly). I saw it recently but dont remember where. if I can find it I will post a link to it here.

the second URL is a discussion about MBS Chart Director plugin that has gant and many other charts/dials/etc in it.

Thanks guys thats interesting about the gantt chart as this was something else I was thinking about for another project. The flowchart plugin I am after needs to allow my end users to be able to build their own layouts and based on the layout I will then generate stuff but I need the flowchart bit to make it all work.

I know it is old but you might want to have a look at Rogers DigitalCircuitSim (free source code)


I also am sure I saw some free source code to graphically connect items … I’l holler if it comes back to me …

customize this

Thanks Norman that is a really interesting class and getting close to what I am thinking about. If anyone is interested in building a simple flowchart / object canvas then I would be interested in see what it might cost to build it.

[quote=309443:@Norman Palardy]customize this
That’s the one I was thinking about!