Flowchart component

I need to develop a cross platform app which incorporates a flowchart editor. I played with XoJo (and really enjoyed it!), but could not find any widget / component doing that. Has anyone faced and addressed this need? Any options? Thanks!

You may want to look at this one. I haven’t tried it myself, but it seems interesting.

While Alex wrote some awesome code… be aware that most of his github stuff has not been touched in a long time (6 years for this one), so it may require work to bring it to current Xojo requirements, including Retina…

Thanks Louis and Dave; I had a look at RBComposer, but it seems to be too complex to integrate and very outadated; I was rather looking for something easier, plugin-like (as an example, MindFusion has great flowchart plugins for many frameworks, I was searching for something similar in the Xojo ecosystem)