Flooding the log: CGDataProviderCreateDirect: Invalid size = 0

My log is flooded with hundreds of thousands of repeated entries like this:

error 10:00:52.297506 +0200 Seminar Pro.debug CGDataProviderCreateDirect: Invalid size = 0 error 10:00:52.297537 +0200 Seminar Pro.debug CGImageCreate: invalid image provider: NULL. error 10:00:52.297565 +0200 Seminar Pro.debug Invalid color: uncolored pattern specified with colored pattern color space.

I have commented out most declares or MBS function calls which I could find, but the flooding is going on. I believe that it started when I switched to 64bit build for macOS, but I am not sure because I did not immediately notice those log entries.

I wonder if anyone has seen such a thing and maybe could give me a hint to identify its cause?

It relates to ListBox cell borders and can be “fixed” by disabling them.

Thanks Joe, for the information! With “disabling” you mean setting them to “None”, like:

Me.CellBorderLeft = Listbox.BorderNone Me.CellBorderRight = Listbox.BorderNone Me.CellBorderTop = Listbox.BorderNone Me.CellBorderBottom = Listbox.BorderNone

If this is the workaround, can we expect a fix? (Because not using cellborders in a listbox is not really an option)

Thanks a lot! I see that this is fixed in the forthcoming release.