Floating windows do not float on windows?

I’m working on a Mac/Windows project which has a floating window in it. The window is set up as type = “Floating Window”. The window works as expected on the Mac, but behaves like a normal document window under both Windows XP and Windows 8. If I set it to be type = “Global Floating Window” then it does, indeed float in the Windows build, but, as expected, it floats over all apps (which is not what I want).

Is this a known issue? Am I missing something?

One further point. I just tried building the Windows version as an MDI app, and in that build, the Floating Window DOES float.

Is it expected behavior that this type of Window will only float in a Windows MDI app?

This is off the top of my head, but this is one of those things that show how Mac-centric and not Windows-centric REAL/Xojo has been and still is. Floating Windows don’t float (that is, is always the topmost window and nothing can obscure them) on Windows.

Here’s some code I use to make the current window the topmost window in Windows. Call like this, in the Open event of a Window:

const HWND_TOPMOST = -1
TopWindow(Me.Handle, HWND_TOPMOST)

Sub TopWindow(Handle As Integer, XPos As Integer) #if TargetWin32 Then Dim NowAPI As Integer Soft Declare Function SetWindowPosAPI Lib "user32" Alias "SetWindowPos" (ByVal hWnd As Integer, ByVal hWndInsertAfter As Integer, ByVal x As Integer, ByVal y As Integer, ByVal cx As Integer, ByVal cy As Integer, ByVal wFlags As Integer) As Integer NowAPI = SetWindowPosAPI(Handle, XPos, 0, 0, 0, 0, SWP_NOSIZE + SWP_NOMOVE) #endif End Sub

Thanks a lot for that, Garth. Interesting, though, that they DO float in an MDI app…