flex layout suggestions

I’m designing a brand new interface; and I’d like to use some kind of auto layout magic. When the window is small in width it sorta displays certain elements in a list, but when the window is stretched out, so of those elements would then wrap (or stack) horizontally before vertically.


I would recommend GraffitiSuite for web : Graffiti web Wall if this a web poject . Works great.

Thanks; but it’s a desktop product. I had actually considered creating the interface with a combination of HTML and javascript and using an HTML viewer… But it runs the risk of having other weird issues.

We did actually do this for our now discontinued Cardsmith application; whereby the opening interface was a list of templates and we used HTML to display it. Very fast, very smooth scrolling. Just wasn’t 100% right on a desktop app.

GraffitiWall for Desktop is now in Alpha.