Fix perspective

Has anyone been able to use the ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick plugins from MBS to apply perspective changes to an image, in order to straighten walls, for example?


I use Einhugur’s skew to stretch and shade an image and create a cube (PictureEffects?):

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It may be worth looking at.
I’m going the other way… need to find automatically or manually (click click click), the vertices of one of the faces of the cube, and turn it back into a square.

I played around with it, though I now use my in-house system as it gives me more precise shape control.

i made a tool for it in b4j long ago.

main part if 4 points of the image was selected.

the linear methods get in mu just a value from 0 to 1

(other Basic)

Sub Render(ImA As Image,ImB As Image,Width As Float,Height As Float)
	Dim x As Float
	Dim y As Float
	Dim a As Float
	Dim b As Float
	Dim pa As Point
	Dim pb As Point
	Dim pc As Point
	Dim Pixel As Int

	For x=0.0 To Width-1.0
	a=x / (Width-1.0)

	For y=0 To Height-1.0
		b=y / (Height-1.0)		

.. write x,y pixel into new image
End Sub

Sub Linear(p1 As Point, p2 As Point, mu As Float) As Point

	Dim pn As Point

    pn.x = LinearInterpolate(p1.x,p2.x,mu)
    pn.y = LinearInterpolate(p1.y,p2.y,mu)

	Return pn

End Sub 

Sub LinearInterpolate( y1 As Float, y2 As Float, mu As Float) As Float

	Dim f As Float

	Return f
End Sub

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Thank you.
That may be very useful!

the idea behind is that the output image width runs from mu value 0 to 1
along the upper line from point 1 to 2 and the bottom line from point 4 to 3.
then the output image height from mu value 0 to 1 you get the position from up to down.