First character in TextArea has wrong LineNumber

I have a DesktopTextArea in a Desktop project and want to determine the LineNumber adjacent to the selected text.

I have noticed that all the text in a given line returns the same LineNumber except for the first character of the line, as it returns the LineNumber of the previous line (except for the very first line).

I thought I must be using the wrong Base, but the documentation (DesktopTextArea — Xojo documentation) suggests that LineNumber uses Base-1.

There is a Feedback on this already from @Sam_Rowlands (, but it suggests that the issue was Verified six years ago, closed by the Xojo Bot, archived by the Xojo Bot, then reopened as a BugBash2022Nominee by Sam. No progress is mentioned in the Feedback.

Is DesktopTextArea.LineNumber() Base-1 or Base-0? Was it supposedly fixed?

Xojo’s handling of my bug reports is part of the reason as to why I’ve given up renewing my license, stopped promoting Xojo and reduced my participation in the Xojo forums.

That and the asinine “2.0 All The Things”.

I’ll disable the Xojo forum notifications.

BTW the workaround is to treat it as Base-0 and add two to the character position.