Firing CellBackgroundPaint

I use a conditional painting Background color in a Listbox.

This works fine excepted at Window open time.

I add Listbox1.Invalidate here and there, then had the idea to add that line in the Activate Event. After displaying FolderItem.OpenDialog,Activate is not fired (or it seems so.

“As Strange As It Seems”, displaying a window (my Search window) usually fire the CellBackgroundPaint Event; but not always.

Checked with current version.

Did you get the same ?

use Listbox1.InvalidateCell(-1,-1) instead of Listbox1.Invalidate

Thank you Dave, will try.

Seems to work fine. WIll see after some shutdown / boot :wink:

Full sun / blue sky @ Strasbourg, France today (14° c instead of -12 two or three weeks ago !)…

When’s the next flight? Seems pleasant :wink:

-12 was because of the Moscow - Paris wind (weather)…

we are going to have the “Beast from the East v2” on sunday in UK

I guess it would be in poor taste to bring up the fact that I am in San Diego, and “winter” was 3 weeks ago Tuesday

No Dave, no.

I had the chance to go in Florida (same kind of winter as California) in mid-october (years ago): the evening dinner on the beach weather was… fantastic !

Some people like snow, some people like heat…

Emile… while Florida and Southern California has “similar” weather on select days during the year… the weather is NOT the same. California rarely has severe weather, but Florida suffers Hurricanes more than once each year…

Sooooo Dave. You say you have a spare room available? Aha, Mhm, Like the sound of that. And you’re willing to pay for for the trip? For all of my family? Nice! :slight_smile:
I do like the differences is the four seasons we have here, but I’m tired of snow and slush right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Albin… is it my fault that I live in the best climate in the world (my opinion)… (and I was born here even)

Sure I have a spare room… but remember this is San Diego, and this is Southern California, and this weather does come at a price… the room rents for $1500.00 a month … and I do not exaggerate… Would you like it for a week? month? year? I would ask if you wanted it “for the season”… but yeah… we don’t really have those.

@ Albin,

I’m north of Dave in California and trust me it is not always such comfortable weather

Towards the end of winter it was 36F one morning …Yes! cold enough there was frost on my car windshield :stuck_out_tongue:

@Richard Duke: oh blech, you are correct. It’s even supposed to snow. I want global warming NOW.

You WUZZIES! I remember real winters in my youth. With lots of snow, temperatures plummeting to -38 C (that is -36 F), and we LOVED it. Spend a lot of time cutting wood in the forest. If you were cold it meant you weren’t working hard enough.

Nowadays all people are doing is complain, complain, complain. Never happy. Not able to enjoy what they have, but wishing for things they don‘t have and - let‘s be honest - most of the time don‘t need.

Here the landscape changes dramatically every 6-8 weeks. And I love it. The same weather all the time? Had that in New Zealand. It‘s like eating the same meal every day. Doesn‘t matter how good it is, you are missing out on a World of experiences.

I went to California for WWDC years ago (in May/June, I forgot). But it was not Winter so I talk about Florida in Mid-October (there was no hurricane / storm, but I recall trees in the right lane from Miami to Fort Lauderdale :slight_smile: from a prior “tempest”…