Firefox Failure on 2021 r3.1

We have a rather large complicated application that opens up and runs mostly fine in Safari, Edge, Chrome.

However whenever we attempt to run the application on FireFox it Will display one page, and when we attempt to move thru the code we encounter an Xojo wide hang.

The application just sits there and the stack throws SessionShutdownThread

What is this?

It’s an exception in the framework that isn’t correctly tagged. Just click resume and you should be fine.

Thanks Greg, but: Unfortunately pressing the resume button only brings me in a loop back to resume 4 or 5 times then it throws an error.

And the error is???

Greg thanks again for jumping on this. Oddly, the error in our code is different each time. To be clear, it does jump into SessionShutdownThread always at the same point. But then when the error is thrown it is thrown at a different spot every time. Usually the error has something to do with the session being nil, despite the fact that the session is clearly visible a step or two before in the debugger.

For what it’s worth, this one is so weird that we can you take it off the forum here and I;ve sent it through “Pro Plus” Channels.

Probably something timer/sequence related.

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