Firebird SQLConnectionMBS Set Role

I’m trying to connect to a Firebird (2.5) database using a specific role, but can’t seem to figure out how to pass the role name to the connection object.

I’ve tried setting it before connecting using the SQLConnectionMBS.option() method with no success. I’ve also tried adding it to the server string, but always get an I/O error.

Would any SQLMBS users have a suggestion?

db.Option(“isc_dpb_sql_role_name”) = YourRoleName

and than connect.

Thanks Christian,

I’ve tried that, but it didn’t work.

I get this error: no permission for read/select access to TABLE MY_TABLE_NAME

I’ll look at it again and try logging in with that profile with the database manager.

It may be an issue with the ROLE.

I’m getting the same error when trying to read the table with the database manager.

I’ll start looking at the server and role for the issue.

As always, thanks for the help Christian.


EMS SQL Manager has a nice UI for getting/setting permissions for users and roles. It’s included in the free version.

Thanks Steve

I will check it out.

SQLMaestro is another nice UI with mostly all you need to maintain Firebird databases. Geat tool !!!

To all Firebird lovers (I am one of those) I suggest to insist on the open request to have a Native Plugin.
Request #2159 is opened for a while and if all give it a force may be Xojo decided to pay attention on this feature in the near future.

While Xojo Inc. could do that, I fear that this would take resources which could be used to get other things done (quicker).

And there would be little benefit for users as a plugin already exists from MBS.

I had been talking on a private conversation with Christian and he confirm me that MBS SQL plugin uses native interface for Firebird.
If so, I agree with him that there have no sense taking Xojo Inc. resources on doing that, resourses that could be better used to get other things done
MBS plugin works fine and the cost is more than reasonable.
It will be nice that “Firebird lovers” keep all in contact, including Christian, in order to help us with any problem that any could have with this nice and strong database.

Some of us never heard of Firebird RDBMS before. I have heard the name but nothing about it. So if there are people out there using Firebird with Xojo, some of us would love to know more. I know I would.

Scott, I started a new conversation in order to join all Firebird users to exchan experiences and help each other.
The link is Firebird Community (MBS SQL Plugin).

Scott, I am sending you the opinion of some Xojo users that works with Firebird:

“I have a significant project that’s backed by a Firebird database (over 100 tables many containing hundreds of thousands of records, thousands of transactions daily from dozens of concurrent users), it’s been live on an Ubuntu server for over 6.5 years and has buzzed along without a hiccup.
From my experience I think Firebird is as close to a zero-admin RDMS as it’s possible to get.
Y can also choose between a multi-threaded or multi-process server, the former being faster the latter being more robust. When Firebird 3 arrives the embedded server will be unified with the client library so I imagine going from single user to client/server could be as easy as changing the connection string.
For a long time the Firebird Foundation didn’t do themselves any favours with their fusty old website. That’s now, thankfully, had a refresh. I don’t think the project itself was ever near death.
Firebird runs on lots of platforms:
OS, Windows, Linux, MacOS, FreeBSD, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris and more…
Hardware: x86, x64, ARM, PowerPC, Sparc and more…
e.g. Want Firebird on your Raspberry Pi (ARM+Linux)?”

Steve Wilson

"Firebird is an excellent rdbms, it is perfectly adequate for almost any use. It has the strengths of both postgresql and sqlite as it can function in both both server and embedded modes. It requires practically zero admin which is not true of postgresql.
It’s community is not as big as postgresql but it is still very widely used. It is not going away. It is for sure up to the job of an application developed in xojo.
In my view it is the perfect hybrid.
It can work in embedded mode just like Sqlite but with far superior support for official SQL standards, e.g right join.
It can function as a server database just like Postgresql.
So if you want to provide a solution that may start out as single user but later scale it is ideal.
The alternative is to use sqlite for embedded and later port to postgresql and there are always issues with this.
If you have a product that in normal use requires a shared database but for which you’ like to be able to provide
a single user trial version firebird is what you want. Users run the installer and it works.
In summary if you want to learn a single rdbms that can be used in any situation firebird is without an equal.
And of course, like postgresql, it is completley free and open source.”

Jack Kingston

Some usefull info:
Using Firebird with Xojo blog post
Using ODBC webinar

I’m looking at using Firebird in an employee portal WE app for around 200 employees. I’ve known about it for years, but have never actually used it. So far it I’m very happy with it.

What ever you need I will be please to try to assit you.
As I said before in this conversation, I started a new one in order to join all Firebird users to exchange experiences and help each other.
The link is Firebird Community (MBS SQL Plugin) .