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Hi there,

I’m new on Xojo and I’m a passionate and no professional developper. I make some iOS with Xcode and I’m looking for a better and multi-platform solution. Xojo looks nice and easy to learn. I like using Firebase in my past apps. With firebase I can real-time statistic on my app, I can send user notifications and some other cloud features. I also use ad-mobs (from google). It’s paid a part of my hobby :slight_smile:

Just before deep in Xojo I want to know if I can use Firebase and Ad-mobs in with Xojo ?

I also want to know if there is an issue to make in-app purchase for macOs ans iOs app ?

Thank you for your help


A lot of view no answer. No answer is an answer.

The answer is Nobody know and nobody know because it’s not possible.

I think Xojo is just a good learning tools but it’s not a product with modern integration. It’s an old school closed language with too much limitations.

In my opinion :wink:

I’ll stop here my investigation in Xojo

you can display ads in your app. not a problem. many have done it here.
as for firebase, I cant answer that as I have never ever heard of it before.

  • If Firebase has an ODBC driver, then the answer is yes you can. (it seems that it does, and you could get that from the Cloudpipes web site. )

  • I don’t know what ad-Mob requires to work, but many here have used different Google services in their applications.

  • An editorial comment: You make harsh judgments and decide after just one day that the language is this or that and there are too many limitations. It is your right. I would suggest that if you want your questions answered, you provide details on what you tried so far, details on the intended goals and i would expect that you will get better answers. People here are developers, not customer service agents waiting to answer your questions. Please show just a bit of patience. The community here helped me a lot when I began, it is one of the most helpful around. If you do not get an answer (and it is possible nobody knows!), perhaps you need to restate the question or provide more information to help people provide the desired answer.

He actually did that, but, if someone does not know about the topic obviously cant understand the question. If someone knows, they answer, if someone dont know, well, whats the point of explaining things if that person cant answer. Firebase is much more than a database, and even that part will be limited with a ODBC driver.

You are in the wrong place for iOS

[quote=458732:@Sebastien REMY]I think Xojo is just a good learning tools but it’s not a product with modern integration. It’s an old school closed language with too much limitations.
In my opinion ;-)[/quote] Really sad, but it is true :frowning:

I wonder how many potential customers try iOS, get that disapointment and run away? Hundres? thousands maybe?


I just move this to iOS chanel. I hope some dev can give some feed back about Google Ads in iOS App. I want to but a banner on the bottom of my App, eventually have an in app purchase to remove it.

Stay save

@Jeremie Leroy

People have asked about Ad integration before and my answer will stay the same: it is possible in Xojo using declares, however I hate ads as a business model so I’m not going to support setting up declares for them like almost anything else. Sorry.

If you want to figure out another way to monetize your app (such as more limited features with the full app being unlockable through in app purchase), I have iAP classes available in iOSKit:

Thank you @Jason King. I know a lot of people hates ads but considering I want to make an iOS and a Android app. iOS user often buy app or inApp but Android user don’t. So I need a business plan with ads and inApp.May be I can change my business plan in the future but for now I need some money back from user to paid licence. For the moment I have an iOS version create with Xcode and Swift with google ads. It’s paid my Apple Dev licence last year.

Bonjour Sbastien,

I will write in English here, but feel free to send me a PM in French for more details.

I currently have 10 apps on the App Store and make a decent living out of in-app purchase revenue. From my experience, you shouldn’t place ads in an iOS app unless you are making a game that has many downloads (+100K per month).
Ads aren’t worth it in most cases.

In my most successful app, Packr, 70% of the features are free, users go through a one-time purchase to unlock the Premium features. So far, conversion rate is between 5-10%, depends on country and time of the year.

In another app, there are 4 game modes, the first one is free, all others need an in-app purchase. Conversion rate is much lower, but with 100.000 downloads per month, revenue is decent.

When I first released Packr I had ads and an in-app purchase. The main problem with ads is that you can’t completely control what is displayed to the user. Some ads where opening automatically in full-screen without the user even touching them. And even worse, those ads where a complete scam telling the user he had a virus on his iPhone.

  1. There are no viruses on iPhones
  2. The average user doesn’t know about that
  3. Most users believe the virus is actually the app they just downloaded: mine
  4. Bad ratings and reviews on the App Store
  5. DON’T DO ADS :slight_smile:

For Android however, I would certainly use ads in my apps.

I am sorry I didn’t really answer your question “I want to but a banner on the bottom of my App, eventually have an in app purchase to remove it”. But I hope you will find better ways of monetising your apps than with ads.

I recommend watching this presentation I made last year at the Xojo Developer Conference in Miami: