finding the value of a position in text

I’m having a problem with text. In the past I was shown how to count the text which was of value and appreciated. What I am trying to do is also determine the value of the text in a specific position. For example, I have a string “The fox is in the woods.” I now know how to determine that the f in fox is the fifth (5) space. What I’d like to know is where I can find out how to assign the letter f to a variable so that I know both the letter (in this case the f) and the position.

Say I have a card game and use A,K,Q, J for cards. I use shuffle to position the cards. I get Q K J A. I need the program to read that the first position has a Q (queen), the second has a K (king) and so on. For some reason I cannot find the answer to this problem in the Forum or in any texts. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


From your previous thread

[quote=208919:@Tim Hare]Given:
dim s as string = “The fox was in the meadow.”

c = mid(s,5,1)[/quote]

I must be doing something wrong as I used the above code, c = mid(s,5,1) and have been getting the integer for the position rather than the letter itself. I get an answer of 5 which is correct, but I’m unable to determine the letter as being an ‘f’. Would you be able to tell me why I can’t get the letter value?

Thanks to both Tim and Michel for your help.


The Xojo Mid Function returns a STRING value and not an integer. If you are using the above code snippet and are receiving 5 then either you are getting a string “5” or you are not using mid?

Let us know.

thanks! Mike

Posting your actual code is always helpful.

Thank you Tim, Michel, Mike and Kem.

Everything is working correctly. Made a rookie error in that I had text coming from a text box when in fact text was in a text area. Changed txtOM.text to taOM.text and success. I appreciate your help.