Finding the child of something?

Hi there!

I have this:

Window TextField1 Event handler Properties pTextField1 'a property

I have no idea how to access the property by using me.Name (it’s necessary for what I am trying to do) in the event handler.

I tried this: gtxtCue(me,frmSignUp.("p"+me.Name)) but it gave a syntax error. Is there perhaps a method of finding a child of an object or something?


gtxtCue is a global function that works fine. It’s simply the frmSignUp.("p"+me.Name)) that gives a syntax error.

You want the windows name ? Or its title ?
The name of the class will be the same for every instance of it so it you have 10 windows open all 10 have the same “name” but possibly different titles

Have you looked at the ControlCount and Control properties of the window?