Finder Icon View

I downloaded some weeks ago (yes, it tooks me time) a Xojo application (standalone) with custom icons.

I noticed that these files have standard OS X icons, but the application have custom icons for them. This is what I see with my own applications.

The question is: what setting do you use for display in the Finder (always Display as Icons):

OS X Standard display (out of the box setting)

OS X Custom (Show Icon Preview)

Checkbox unchecked: Use the .icns icon from the app that claims ownership.
Checkbox checked: Try to render a quicklook preview to the icon.

The Desktop and individual windows hold different settings, you’ll have to set both, but you can set a default for all windows when setting window preferences.

Thank you for your explanation Tim.

In some cases, Checkbox checked preview my custom icon.

Most of the case, as shown for the Firefox application, the Finder display its own icon - NOT MINE.

Those cases, usually, are when the contents seems to be TEXT (as in csv for example) / when I use TextOutputStream. Some times ago, I made a test using BinaryStream to write a file and I got my Custom Icon. Now, this is no more the case.

I set a custom icon to one application that deals with SQLite data base and this custom icon is set to my file extensions (extension I set in the File Type Set).

My wrongly written question was… Did you always get your custom icon not depending on the checked CheckBox ?

Nota: on some application - notably one that deals with csv files - I read, save files, I even accept file drops on the application Icon in both a Finder window and/or in the Icon when in the Dock.

I may have lost information on the subject, but a third party application made with Xojo and who have custom icon suffer from the same ill (as far as I know, but I may be wrong).

BTW: I forgot to mention that the View by List (Small Icons), both Firefox and my application’s custom icon are displayed. At last, when my laptop is slow, very slow, I have time to see my custom icon, then I see the Finder replacing it by its own set of icons.

Weird IMHO.

I do not know if your problem is related to a wider issue as getting generic icons for docs created by your own app.
For me, this problem started with Maverick: changing an existing icon in fileType would sometime result in those docs loosing the icon and getting a generic one: usually only on the desktop, sometimes also in folders; sometimes the Info window for the culprit file would show a generic icon on the top left, yet copying it (the Info generic file) and pasting it into Preview, Preview would show the real icons.

In these cases, the first thing I do is rebooting the mac as Guest, and after creating a doc, if it shows the newly modified icon, then I log-in as owner and follow these steps:

  1. sudo find /private/var/folders/ -name -exec rm {} \;
    (password will be asked)

  2. triple clicking this line: /Library/Caches/
    and right clicking it, I select Reveal in Finder; and put the revealed folder in the trash.

  3. I reboot in safe mode (shift-Restart)

  4. I restart

If the icons still remain generic, then,

  1. /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Versions/A/Support/lsregister -kill -seed

  2. Shift-Restart and Restart.

More than this I don’t know, but I would appreciate if somebody came up with better or easier ways to solve the problem.

Hi Carlo,

thank you for sharing your experience.

This, here, delete preferences / passwords in Firefox as a side effect, so I stopped to use it *

I also noticed (I forgot the OS name) that a boot on a fresh installed OS on an external HD, I sometimes get the custom icons. Unfortunately, I do not took notes, so I forgot the details.

  • I also started to fill a rtf file with user names / passwords and I know this is wrong (but with bad memory…).

Are-we alone with this ?

I forgot to mention that I get my custom icon when I download a csv file with Firefox (from internet); I just do that :wink: in the Download window.

@Emile Schwarz [quote]This, here, delete preferences / passwords in Firefox as a side effect, so I stopped to use it *[/quote]

What I noticed in Firefox is that passwords do remain, only the “Remember me” checkbox is not checked; and checking it, next time is still not checked; but I can proceed without any problem (no need to re-type the password).