Finder contextual menu

Hello. I need a way (a declares or plugin) to create my own custom items into Finder contextual menu (I dont wnat to use ‘Services’).
As for example look at Google drive or Dropbox applications. Right click into finder show up the contexual menu where you can Find ‘Drop into google drive folder’
or ‘Show into Dropbox’ items.

As already stated,
You are not going to be able to create a Finder contextual menu item in Xojo any faster than if you did it with Xcode.
Xojo is simply not set up for it.

This is the only article I could find that didn’t say anything specifically about the item ending up in the Services menu.

I just noticed in the MAS an utility called Right Click Booster that does that

It is free but seems the server is on holidays just now so I could not experiment.

If anything, it shows it can be done.

Since you can use on XCode this functionality I think is possible to do in Xojo using Declares. The only issue is I don’t know wich
Api or Declare I have to use to implement this functionality in a Xojo App.
Thank you.

Apple removed contextual menu plugin support in 64 bit mode after 10.6
Even if you compiled a plugin as 64 bit the OS will not load it

Now you’re supposed to write a service
This is something you cannot do in Xojo

Would you have to code the entire function in the XCode service, or is there a way to have a Service simply create the menu when it’s supposed to, and clicking the menu calls a Xojo app, where the real work happens?

If so, it’d be nice to have someone make a simple XCode contextual menu "dummy’ code, and we’d simply enter in the text of the menu and how it calls our Xojo app, and it would be somewhat reusable.

(If you can’t call a Xojo app, then it could call a dylib in the Xojo app bundle, and would call into the Xojo app.)

As Michael B. says ‘Right Click Booster’ App does the trick… so I’m asking… how?
Thank you.

I found this:

Up to to the OS X 10.9.x only injecting code to Finder process via mach_inject was a solution (and even Dropbox did that). However since 10.10 there are Finder plugins, which can customized context menus, add buttons to Toolbar and put overlays over the file icons.

Update: since OS X 10.11 code injection will not work at all due to System Integrity Protection. So only Finder Sync plugin.

So the only valid solution at now seems to be then Finder Synch Framework…

It would be a very usefull tool if ported to Xojo…but Xcode and Cocoa is not my field…

[quote=237847:@Carlo De Simone]As Michael B. says ‘Right Click Booster’ App does the trick… so I’m asking… how?
Thank you.[/quote]
Finder Sync
Which you cant create in Xojo as it requires a specific kind of main item that is a a subclass of a Cocoa Class

What does MBS say about such a thing? Seems to be right up his alley to implement some type of dummy wrapper for this…

I’d LOVE to integrate my app functions into System menu access.

Oh I’m sure it could be a stub app that starts a Xojo app

But thats not a plugin in the conventional sense as the “plugin” would be the main class in the app which would be kind of odd

I’ve asked to Christian and at the moment He does’nt seem to be interested to add Finder Synch functionality to the MBS suite.