Find/Replace Bug?

I had a method called LINE_INSIDE

I decided to change it globally to INSIDE_LINE (as I had other “inside” methods such as INSIDE_CURVE etc)

So I did a global search / replace (BTW… I like the OLD display for this MUCH better… but that is another topic)…

Anyways… it updated all the code, changed the method name just like it should… BUT… it DID NOT UPDATE NAVIGATOR

It still had the OLD name (clicking on it DID take it to the correct place)… but the name in the side panel is out of synch with reality

nobody else has had this problem?

collapsing the navigator tree and forcing it to refresh updates it… but it should do it by itself.

Yes. Replace needs a review. Open a Feedback case.

Navigator has some refresh issues.
I suspect this is a side effect of trying to limit the Navigator canvas refreshes…

Don’t get me started on feedback.
It has crashed on me ever since RS2007

There is <> already.