Find iOS Version

Is there a way to find which iOS version the app is running on?

Find someone to convert this for you

let iOSver = UIDevice.currentDevice().systemVersion

I have similar code in xcode myself. I was hoping someone already had example code for xojo.

declare function NSClassFromString lib “Foundation” (clsName as CFStringRef) as ptr
declare function currentDevice lib “UIKit” selector “currentDevice” (clsRef as ptr) as ptr
declare function deviceName lib “UIKit” selector “systemVersion” (classRef as ptr) as CFStringRef

dim currrentDeviceRef as ptr = currentDevice(NSClassFromString(“UIDevice”))
dim t as text
dim c as CFStringRef
dim a() as text
dim ret as text

c = deviceName(currrentDeviceRef)
t = c

See UIDevice project in the iOSDeclare thread