Final Countdown for Omegabundle for Xojo Web 2018; $149 Mini Bundle

We got a late start on this, but we are also ending with 2018 through 12/31/2018. This is a mini bundle of the following:

Valentina Studio Pro. If you already got Studio Pro on the Summer Omegabundle, you can upgrade to Universal instead. Not only do you get the extra time, but Universal works with all three operating systems: Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Check out what’s new since we introduced Studio 8…
GraffitiSuite Web Edition. We wanted to make sure our offering included recent updates, and Anthony has been hard at work adding new controls as well as upgrading previous versions with new functionality. Release 27 was recent, and you’ll get more in Release 28.
SILKYPIX JP 8. Not exactly Xojo but given this is a holiday bundle, this is a fantastic product for photo editing with exceptional, additional editors specific for underwater and monochrome photography. One license will work on both Windows and MacOS. A limited version is often bundled with major camera manufacturers. You can also download a 30 day trial that is fully functional. The Clarity Adjustment is quite useful for brightening up dark areas in holiday photos!

More info is available on the Omegabundle website, or go ahead and purchase for $149 (bundle value is $447). Purchasing Studio Pro or GraffitiSuite Web Edition separately is $199, so this is quite a deal.

Grab this price while you can!

R28 of GraffitiSuite is progressing well, and a lot has been rebuilt or fixed with lots of new and updated products on the way. To see the full list of current changes for R28 see this page.

very nice.

Just two days left. We can probably take orders on the 1st, but one of the partners can’t go beyond that.

I’ve already bought it, but I haven’t received GraffitiSuite yet.

It may take some time for your order to show up as the process is not automated. Generally, as soon the order batches go out, I process them.

But I’ve received Valentina Studio Pro for MacOS.

OmegaBundle is run by Valentina, so I think their part is automated.

When did you purchase?

Yesterday .order number?181229 00095066

It can take 24-48 hours for processing. The last batch went out early morning yesterday, so I’ll probably receive it either today or tomorrow.

Thanks [quote=419730:@Anthony Cyphers]It can take 24-48 hours for processing. The last batch went out early morning yesterday, so I’ll probably receive it either today or tomorrow.[/quote]

This is covered in the FAQ. We batch orders to participants out rather than one by one, and everyone is generally in a different time zone - especially during the holidays.

The order email is received. To password modification failed.
Request failed, please try again.

I will email you directly.

I have also received the username you assigned me.

This Omegabundle for Xojo Web Edition 2018 (can that title get longer? sure it can!) is just about over. Don’t miss out!

Hi, I bought yesterday the Omegabundle for Windows, and I received, after a while, a mail with the serial number (I am still waiting for any news about GraffitiSuite and SilkyPix).
I downloaded and installed the Valentina Studio 8. Then I looked for any documentation about using Valentina Reports for Xojo, but I found only very old documentation (2013-2014). Perhaps I haven’t looked in the right places, but now I don’t know how to go on.
Will anyone, please, tell me what I have to do for:
a) creare reports for Xojo (2017r3 - 2018r4)
b) how to print these reports from a Xojo desktop app/Xojo web app
c) run a web app on Linux server

Thank you very much.

Did you install Valentina for Xojo? There are a few report examples in the folder that the installer creates. Here is the list of examples in the wiki:

It would be better to ask your questions in the Valentina forum.

To make use of a local runtime for Reports with Xojo, you’ll need the appropriate Valentina Reports for Xojo ADK. You can also upload reports you make to Valentina Server (there is a free evaluation version of that, and educators can use it for their projects), or run reports directly from within Valentina Studio Pro. It is also possible to open and run the reports you make from within the free Valentina Studio (the magic of parameters allow users of the free version to do a bit more if you set it up that way).