Filling in the iOS Gaps from David Cox

Filling in the iOS Gaps from David Cox - Watch now
There is a learning curve when moving from developing Desktop or Web Apps to iOS. There are many differences and entirely new ways to approach the same problems, but it can be done. Learn how you can create an iOS app that is fully iOS and has the equivalent functionality from both Desktop and Web.


Thanks @David_Cox for the video.

We may look into making a few iOS specific controls. But yes, it may be good to know how plugins will work on Android and do them cross platform from the start.


Just to respond to the GraffitiSuite mention: it’s coming. I’m waiting for Xojo to knock out a few things that are needed, then I’ll be getting in to GraffitiSuite for iOS on the big products that most folks want to see.


Great presentation from David, who has a huge amount of Xojo experience and who actively develops apps that work on multiple platforms - web, Mac, PC and iOS. I don’t know anyone else who has such a detailed understanding of the issues involved with developing business-class applications as true cross-platform apps.


Thank you @Eric_Gibbon !


Good work, @David_Cox !

When we next see each other in person, I’d love to compare notes on how we each tackle some of the issues such as translating concepts like popup menus and comboboxes to iOS. I’ve taken an approach of pushing to a new view that handle editing values, which gives more space for fat fingers to input data but sacrifices some immediacy.

@Anthony_G_Cyphers , that is exciting news, I hope that GraffitiEditor is on your list!

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I have tried to emulate the Desktop/Web interfaces as much as possible, so this means some screens are much taller (eg PopupMenu’s) But I have seen that you can set a TextField to display a popup menu at the bottom of the screen when it is clicked and this seems a better compromise.

I am happy to provide my code for these ‘gap’ items to anyone who wants it.

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Yes, this is possible using declares. It isn’t easy, but looks like the “native” way of displaying a pop-up menu.