Filled and outlined text in DynaPDFMBS

If I want to have a red letter, I can use pdf.setFillcolorEx
If I want to have a red outline, I can follow that up with pdf.SetTextDrawMode (pdf.kdmStroke)
And that gets me hollow red letters

Anyone know how can I get solid red letters with a black border around them?

normally you can set stroke and fill color differently.

Or draw first text with filling mode and than with stroke mode on top.

Found it eventually.

If anyone else wants to know:

call pdf.SetFillColorEx,, // RGB triplet for the internal color
call pdf.SetStrokeColorEx (0,0,0)  //black outline
 call pdf.SetLineWidth(0.1)   //very thin line around the outside so we can see white or pale letters
call pdf.SetTextDrawMode(pdf.kdmFillStroke)  //draw the stroke and fill the middle