Fill a graphics object

I have a drawn graphics object that is not rectangular.

Does anybody have a Fill routine that can fill the object with a colour?

OS X 10.10.4
Xojo 2015 2.2


The methods you are looking for are Graphics.DrawPolygon and Graphics.FillPolygon.

or if the shape is arbitray (and not stored in a polygon array), you can pick a known point, and use a simple flood fill algoritthm

thought I had one handy… google it… its not hard to implement, there are 4 way and 8 way fills, I found the 4 way one easy, fast, and did a great job

Dave - it’s built in:

I know… but for some reason I had a situation where that did not work for what I wanted… but I’ve been searching trying to find it…
the best I can think is that I wanted to flood with a PATTERN (not a solid color)… and ended up using a masking method instead

Was it this?

FillPolygon and DrawPolygon!

I’m such an idiot that I forgot those…

I have created my own graphing classes as well in the past and used those functions.

Thanks all.