FileUploader on iOS with Home Screen Icon and Status Bar

If you add an iOS home screen icon from Safari it makes the top status bar and the address bar (where you type the Web Address) on an iPhone disappear. It makes a Web App look a little more like a native app.

I just added a function to my program that uses FileUploader to capture a picture from the iPhone. The mechanics work fine BUT after the photo is uploaded the status bar re-appears at the top of the Safari screen and does not go away until you end the session even if you go to other Web pages in the app. The address bar does NOT reappear and all of the XOJO Web Pages overlay the status bar transparently and the status bar info (carrier, battery, time, etc.) shows with any Webpage text at the top of the page laying on top of the bar with both visible. The position of the Web Page is correct and it is NOT displaced downward to show below the status and address bar.

Could this be a Safari issue or maybe XOJO or maybe just a limitation because of the FileUploader?

Is there a work around?


I’m not aware of any way for a web app to force it’s way out of that app sandbox. My guess is that it’s a bug in Mobile Safari, but if you would file a bug report with a sample project, we’ll take a look at it.