Which is correct? I have lost the ability to drop custom files on my App.
If the app has some old 3 letter extensions as well as the new one does the identifier get the DisplayName of the set or the Name of the set added to the reverse domain name.appname?

Turns out neither is correct but the top one was close :slight_smile:

We spoke about this some months ago. I ´m on my phone and not easy to search. You have to set the filetype to “edit” or “exe” but not “none” if my memory is good.

Edit: this topic and click the link i give in the post after Beatrix’s post.

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Have you tried dropping one of those files onto this editor? It’ll query the operating system for the correct settings and create a new file type for you that matches the file.54

Also, don’t forget to set the Type, Role and Rank on the right-hand side:


These are the things that determine if drag and drop works.

Thanks Greg, I found your suggestion in another feedback you did and that helped sort it. The bit I wasn’t getting was how it appended the Display Name on the end of the identifier as I was including an old and new file extension.

They just need to be unique, but don’t change the identifier after you’ve got files out in the wild or your app won’t recognize the old files!

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