FileType Icons not Transparent

I’m having a new problem with the transparency of file icons made by Xojo 2015 r2.1 on OS X 10.10.3.

Previous versions of my app did not have this problem - but I cannot pinpoint exactly when the problem started.

I use FileTypes and the associated icon editor - drop in PNG’s with transparent backgrounds for all the icon sizes.

By saving the file to desktop I can easily see if the background to the file’s icon is transparent. For small icon sizes (32x32 or less) the icon background is transparent. For larger sizes the icon background changes to white - which looks ugly on the desktop.

I copy/paste exactly the same PNG into all the icon sizes in icon editor - but end up with some transparent, and some not - so it appears if it is a new Xojo problem.

Anyone else see this?


What does the mask look like in Xojo?
Also you should design your icons for each resolution (or hire someone who does.)

Masks are black for opaque and white for transparent. If you drag a transparent png file into one of the composite icons, you can then click mask to see what I mean.

Thanks for the responses. Yes the icons and masks look correct in Xojo. In fact they were all working fine in earlier versions of Xojo and the app. But something has changed such that the larger icons now get a white background, and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have changed the logos.

So I have re-entered all the pngs into the icon editor in FileTypes. Each Icon clearly shows the transparent background as mentioned by Greg. But when I save a file onto the desktop, those icons at 32px or lower are transparent, the bigger ones have a white background.

Files I have saved with earlier versions of the app (and earlier versions of Xojo) show all icons sizes with a transparent background - it is difficult to find the exact point at which it changed.