FileType application/ .. extension is .xl?

Is this a bug, i.e. when you add a pre-defined file type of application/, the file extension is .xl … I have never seen .xl, but don’t use Excel a lot. Shouldn’t it be .xls? If so, I’ll file a bug report, just didn’t want to file for something that is correct.

I assume it is to account for .xlsx / .xlsm / . xlxb / .xlt / .xltm et al extensions

Shouldn’t all of those be put in then? As it stands now when you use the type in a Open or Save As dialog, the extension defaults to .xl.

You can edit them

The shortcuts just add an entry

I did edit it, I was just wondering if the default was wrong or if it was something I didn’t understand and is actually by design and how my application should act.

Here are some extensions for Microsoft Excel and their meanings:

If the image is fuzzy or out-of-focus, feel free to click on the picture and a clearer version will be viewed.