Filemaker 2 Xojo conversion...?

Is there a way to get a Filemaker project easily converted into a Xojo project? I am a little bit frustrated lately with FM because it’s hard to do some basic things like using rtf export/text fields, adding alignment tools and creating an easy to use file menu where I can create a new document and saving it, instead of having the main program itself being saved as a duplicate. I assume that in Xojo I would be able to create something as Word if I really wanted?

I created a creative story writing program in Filemaker and for that I need to be able to use alignment tools for the screenwriting formats that I hope to implant in the app. Also, FM turns out to have a limitation on how many pages can be printed from txt fields used. So it’s not possible to print out for example a 500 pages novel written in my app. A work around would be to print it out in parts, but then I would not have a continue page numbering. Are these things also limited in Xojo?

The last weeks I spent a lot of time finding work arounds in FM for things that are difficult to do, so probably that means I am working in the wrong development environment. Also, I hope to market this app at some point, and I feel that at this moment, I am not totally behind it as it is now.

Filemaker is a database application with the ability to write and package code.
Xojo is a general purpose programming language.

There is no automatic way to transpose an FM application into a Xojo application that I am aware of. You will surely find certain things easier to do in Xojo, and some things harder to do in Xojo. You can use Xojo with a variety of database engines, ranging from SQLite all the way to very large enterprise-grade RDBMS (MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.) Select what works for your project.

The best thing for you would be to download the IDE. It is free to try and use. You only need a licence when you are ready to compile and distribute your application. You can then discover for yourself how it goes. If you need help, this forum will be quite helpful. Be sure to describe the context, the problem, whet you already tried to solve the problem. Help will be forthcoming.

I was forgetting: welcome to the forum!

There is no way to directly convert a FileMaker project to Xojo. This doc topic does offer some tips and suggestions, though:

FMDump is useful to get your data converted to SQL and it’s free.