File Types chooser missing in editor

Build Settings, macOS, File types, Choose…

This image is from an older Xojo version. This option is missing from recent versions of the code editor. How are we supposed to tell the app (thus the Finder) to use our file type group? Can this be done in code?

Add a FileTypeGroup to your project. All of the options are there in one place.

Thanks. Yes, I’ve done that, but the app doesn’t know to use the FileTypeGroup I’ve created because the “Choose…” button is missing.

I’m able to double-click to open a document, but I can’t drop it on the app icon.

Right. The options you are looking for are still in that file types editor. In the macOS section on the right where it says “role”. Change that to “edit” or “view”.


Bingo. I was just examining this when I read your response. Voila.

Thanks, Greg.

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